What is a Title Bond?

A title bond is a certificate used to help verify ownership of a motor vehicle.

Isn’t that what the original title is for?

Ideally, yes. But there are plenty of occasions in which someone needs to buy a car that doesn’t have a title. For instance, if you buy a classic car you plan on restoring, or a used car that doesn’t have a title, you’ll need some way to verify that you own the car, so you can buy insurance and drive the car legally.

What is a Title bond Good For?

The real benefit of a bonded title is the ability to get you on the road legally. If you have a bonded title, you’ll be able to buy insurance and register a vehicle, even when there is no original title available. It can be frustrating to buy a used car, only to find that obtaining this type of title is a much more complex problem than anticipated.

How Do You Get a Title bond?

Securing a title bond can be tricky if you’re trying to do it yourself. It requires seeking out records from the MVD and tracking down certain types of documentation that could be tough to find.

How Can Someone Make the Process Easier?

At Southwest Bonds, we are experts in helping people secure title bonds. For a small fee and a deposit, we take care of all the complicated stuff. That means our representatives will write letters on your behalf, find the needed records and handle every aspect to make the process easier for you.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Bonded Title?

Sometimes, a bonded title might be finalized in a matter of hours. However, don’t be surprised if takes up to a few weeks for everything to go through properly. Sometimes, outside circumstances require more research or documentation.

How do You Get Started?

If you think you might need a bonded title, or want more information about what a title bond actually is, contact Southwest Bonds today. We’ll help you navigate the complicated process of securing the title. Our experts have extensive experience with this type of bond.

Once you schedule an appointment with us, make sure you bring in all the paperwork you can find associated with your vehicle. This will make it easier for us to make the process faster and smoother. We’ll inspect all your documents to determine whether or not a bonded title is the right choice for you.

Do you want to set up an appointment? Give us a call today at 623-974-6453. If you need to get the process handled quickly and efficiently, don’t hesitate to call the best! We’ll take care of you.