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    What Types of Court Bonds Do We Write?

    Plaintiff Bonds

    Cost Bonds: this type of bond guarantees the payment of costs associated with appealing the decision of a lower court.

    Indemnity to Sheriff Bonds: This type of bond protects a sheriff or marshal from a suit brought on by a party whose property was seized.

    Plaintiff Bonds: If an action is decided in favor of the defendant, this type of bond guarantees the plaintiff will pay legal damages.

    Attachment Bonds: An attachment bond is needed if the court wishes to seize someone’s property as part of the terms of a judgement. This bond will guarantee a defendant is paid damages from the attachment if the court decides against the plaintiff.

    Replevin bonds: this will guarantee that any property seized by the court will remain in the same condition without being sold or thrown out.

    Defendant Bonds

    Release Attachment Bond: The release attachment bond is a counter bond that acts as a counterpart to an attachment bond held by the plaintiff. It serves as additional security while a court case is being resolved.

    Counter-Replevin Bond: The counter-replevin bond can be used by a defendant to regain property taken by a plaintiff. This bond serves as a guarantee that the defendant will surrender property to satisfy a court judgement and that the property will be in the same condition.

    Dissolve Injunction Bond: Suspends the operation of an injunction. Indemnifies the plaintiff against damages suffered as a result of the action. These are hazardous bonds to write because of relief sought.

    Release of Garnishment Bond: This bond allows a defendant to lift restrictions placed on a property by the plaintiff. That means the defendant can maintain control of property before a garnishment is filed by the plaintiff.

    Appeal Bond: When a case is decided in a lower court, the losing party may be able to acquire an appeal bond. This bond will prevent the successful party involved in the lower court decision from executing or collecting on a judgement. The bond takes place of this judgment and is very hazardous to write because these bonds are considered outright financial guarantees.

    Supersedeas Bond: A supersedeas bond serves to prevent officers of the court from executing on a judgement during the appeals process. The bond stands in place of the judgement while the appeal case plays out. This type of bond usually has some technical distinctions that make it different from the appeal bond.

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    Get in touch with Southwest Bond Services today to learn more about how our bond writing services can help you. We’ll provide you with a free estimate.


    Get in touch with Southwest Bond Services today to learn more about how our bond writing services can help you. We’ll provide you with a free estimate.