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Obtaining an Arizona Notary Public commission is not complicated, but it is cumbersome. At Southwest Bond Services, we put in the legwork for you and use our expertise to make sure the process goes smoothly.

How do You Become a Notary Public?

The four-step process requires payments to four different entities. This also translates to four physical trips and/or mailings. If you forget one of these payments, mix up the amounts, or simply become too busy, it could set the whole process back and add frustration. Luckily, when you have an experienced bond writer on your side, you won’t have to worry about that!

Just call 623-974-6453 today and we’ll help you become a notary public. It will only cost you around the same amount that you would pay trying to do it yourself.

You must also obtain a bond from an insurance agent, file your application and bond with the Secretary of State, purchase a stamp from a stamp manufacturer and purchase a journal from an office supply store. Or, pay about the same amount and let us handle it for you.

With One Check Notary, the process is simplified: you write one check and we do all of the work! We provide the bond, make the filings with the state, manufacture your stamp and provide a journal.

And the best part is the price! Our fee is similar to the total that you would pay if you did everything yourself…and this doesn’t include your time, your postage and your mileage.

Why Become a Notary Public?

Becoming a notary builds trust and credibility. Professionals often discover that becoming a notary opens up new business connections or opportunity. Business owners also find that becoming a notary brings more potential to meet new customers.

A notary public serves as a public official tasked with being an objective observer when important documents are signed. It’s an important responsibility to ensure that the signing of important documents related to real estate, legal agreements and personal estates are executed to the highest degree of integrity.

FOR ONLY $140.00…

One Check Notary Package Includes:

  • State Application
  • Self-inking Stamp
  • Statutory Bonds
  • State Filing Fee
  • Notary Journal
  • All Postage & Handling
  • Notary Handbook
  • Continuous Reference Service

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If you are serious about becoming a notary public, call Southwest Bond Services today to get started. Our experts have decades of experience serving the Phoenix area and the rest of the state.
Make the process easier for yourself and save money in the process. No other bond writer can provide first-rate service at such an affordable rate. Don’t hesitate to call us at 623-974-6453. You’ll be glad you did!