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    Title bonds are used to verify ownership of a motor vehicle. Having one is necessary and allows the owner to purchase insurance, register the vehicle with the state of Arizona, or sell the vehicle.

    When Do You Need a Bonded Title?

    A title bond needs to be obtained when someone is buying or selling a motor vehicle that doesn’t have the original title. Maybe you are buying or restoring a classic or older car and need to verify ownership. That’s where Southwest Bond Services comes in!

    We offer same day bonds at a great price. In many cases, we can have your title bond written in minutes. There’s no easier way to get your bonded title quickly.

    How Do You Get a Title Bond?

    The best way to secure a title bond is using an experienced bond writing agency like Southwest Bond Services. We are familiar with all the steps and documentation needed to make sure the title bond is properly written.

    In some cases, we may have to track down records from the MVD or find other documentation needed to secure the bond you need. We can assist people who need a bonded title for a number of reasons.

    You bought a vehicle with a bill of sale, but no title. This is a pretty common situation. After all, the title is just a document and like other documents – it gets lost over time. Luckily, if you bought a vehicle with just a bill of sale and no title, we can help you get a bonded title. That means you’ll have the proof over ownership needed to register and insure your vehicle.

    You had a title, but lost it. Maybe you simply can’t find a title you used to have in your possession. We can write a bonded title in this situation as well. Get in touch with Southwest Bond Services today and we can get the help you need to make the process much easier.

    How Do You Get Started with the Process?

    If you need to obtain a title bond, or are just looking for some more information, don’t hesitate to give Southwest Bond Services a call at 623-974-6453. Our experienced bond writers will help you make the complicated process much easier.

    Just bring us any paperwork associated with your vehicle that could be helpful and we’ll take care of the rest. We have more experience than any other bond writing agency in the Phoenix area when it comes to writing title bonds for our clients.