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    Southwest Bond Services is the leading bonded title surety bond agency. We have authority to approve and issue in house with most able to be done within about 10 minutes. We know exactly what needs to be listed on the bond form to avoid rejection from the state and further delays in a process that is already frustrating for the applicant.

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    What Is a Bonded Title in Arizona?

    A bonded title is required when the owner of a vehicle cannot provide a clear and/or correctly executed title in his or her name. It is in place to protect the rightful owner of a vehicle. The bond is in place for a specified amount of time depending on the state. At the end of that period, the title is no longer bonded and anyone with a rightful claim can no longer claim the vehicle.

    Why Do You Need a Title Bond in Arizona?

    Your first step is to bring your vehicle to MVD and obtain an inspection.  We can refer a mobile inspector to you if the vehicle is not in running condition. From there, you’d bring the inspection inside MVD and apply for a bonded title. 

    The MVD will perform their steps and ultimately set the bond amount at 1.5 times the value of the vehicle. 

    At this time, please contact Southwest Bond Services so we can issue your bond and help you complete your process and obtain your title.

    Who Can Apply for a Bonded Title and When?

    Anyone who has a vehicle without a proper title and assuming there are no liens that have not been released. 

    How Much Is a Bonded Title in Arizona?

    The minimum price of a title bond is $95.00 which covers up to a $5,000.00 bond amount. The cost will go up along with the bond amount.

    Arizona Title Bond FAQ

    How Does a Bonded Title Work in Arizona?

    A bonded title is required when a clear title is not available. It’s in place for anyone who has a rightful claim on the vehicle.

    How Long Does It Take to Get a Bonded Title?

    Most cases, it takes about 10 minutes. Bond amounts over 50k require additional underwriting and may take longer depending on the background of the applicant and car history.

    How Long Does a Bonded Title Last in Arizona?

    The bond is required for a 3 year term in the state of Arizona.

    How Hard Is It to Get a Bonded Title in Arizona?

    The process with the MVD can be lengthy but not difficult. Purchasing a bond with Southwest Bond Services is usually the easiest and quickest part of the bonded title process.

    Is a Bonded Title a Clean Title?

    Yes, a vehicle with a bonded title can be purchased and sold like any other vehicle. The bond will remain with the original purchaser until the 3 year term has lapsed.

    Should I Buy a Car with a Bonded Title?

    Yes, there is no reason to not by a car with a bonded title. The bond follows the original purchaser, not future owners.

    Can You Sell a Car with a Bonded Title?

    Yes, you can sell a car with a bonded title like any other vehicle.

    What Are the Requirements for Obtaining a Bonded Title?

    Starting with an inspection at MVD, you will then go through their bonded title process. After they’ve done their due diligence, they will set the bond amount and you will come to us to purchase your bond.

    What If I Lose My Bonded Title?

    You can obtain a duplicate title from MVD.

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